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Daniel Lewis | 20 years old | Theatre major || Ezra Miller || TAKEN


Born and raised in the quiet suburbs of Vancouver (Canada), Daniel always yearned for more. He wanted more than the pleasantries exchanged between neighbors daily, he dreamed of more than the calm atmosphere of his town, and he was thirsty for more than his privileged life spent protected by his well-to-do parents. He wanted excitement, adventure, and — most definitely — love. He spent most of his childhood daydreaming of flying off to some far off land to start a completely new life surrounded by a sea of new, interesting people. Somewhere better than Vancouver.

The only way he could escape his boring life was through theatre. The thrill of getting on stage, blinded by stage lights, and speaking - feeling - the lines of people from far off places in front of a auditorium full of people was something he thrived off of. Every piece of the Dramatic Arts fascinated him; from set design, to acting, to costumes, to directing - Daniel wanted to do it all. The only problem was the limitations he felt being trapped in his town.

The only person he kept in his daydreams was his best friend, Cassandra. They often spoke of leaving the town they grew up in and running off together. As soon as Daniel’s “Senior jitters” kicked in, he started looking at art schools all around the world. England, France, and Germany were his top choices, but Cassandra brought him back down to reality. They selected a school in Chicago, Illinois — the U.S. of A. — packed their bags, and took off together.


Cassandra Matthews; Daniel and Cassandra had been neighbors since they were two years old. Their mothers would often take turns watching them whenever needed, which sparked the forced friendship that never went away. They did everything together, even move countries to go to college. People would often assume they were dating, and while both of them had no interest in it, they never denied it if they didn’t have to. He often wondered what would have happened between them if they hadn’t grown up together.

Gale Collins; Daniel and Gale were roommates in their first year at college, and again during their second (current). School policy has it that Freshmen and Sophomores have to live on campus, but he and Gale have spoken about finding a place together off campus the following year. They get along swimmingly and consider each other to be friends.

Karen Barton; When Daniel was first introduced to Karen, she was Gale’s long time girlfriend. Always the flirt and forever the appreciator of beauty, Daniel let it be known how beautiful he found Karen. It never went past flirtatious banter between the two of them, but when he found out that she had broken up with Gale, Daniel couldn’t help but feel a little responsible. He’s been trying to avoid her for the past few months, but lately they’ve been talking over Facebook.

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